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A labor of love opens windows on lost world

(Update on Sid Shaievitz' work on the Felshtin yizkor book.)


Following his visit to Gvardeyskoye in May 2007, Mel Werbach launched a Felshtin Memorial Project. We thank everyone who has donated. The list is here.

Mel's account of his trip is Felshtin 70 Years Later.  He has also made photos from his trip available.

More photos from the Felshtin Section of the Baron Hirsch Cemetery in Staten Island, December 2009

Felshtin Memorial Dedication

May 19, 2010

Report | Photos | Dedication Remarks

Your support is welcome!

Chamber of the Holocaust Museum, Jerusalem.  

Photo by Joel Olstein

"In Memory of the Martyrs of Felshtin community and the surroundings in the Ukraine that were murdered in the Petlura calamity, may their names (the rioters) be removed, in the year 5679, in the month of Adar, in the days of the pogrom, and the holocaust in the days of the Nazi occupation.

"May God avenge their blood.

"May their souls be bound in the bundle of life, memorialized by the people of Felshtin and the diaspora."

A review of the Felshtin yizkor book appears here.

A new translation of the victims of the Felshtin pogrom is now available.  (An earlier translation in alphabetical order by surname is also available here.)

Read the article about
Sid Shaievitz's work here.

A reprint of the original Felshtin yizkor book, almost entirely in Yiddish, hardbound and printed on acid-free paper, may be purchased from the National Yiddish Book Center.

Thanks to Alan Bernstein, new research on Felshtin is available here.

Recent Photos of the Felshtin Section of the Baron Hirsch Cemetery in Staten Island

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A newly uncovered list of Felshtin pogrom victims is now available here


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